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About Me

  • Hamed Nouri is a professional structural engineer. He received his master of science in construction management and Bachelor of Science in structural engineering from Tehran Polytechnic University in 2004 and 2002, respectively and he managed to get his ASNT VT, inspection certificate from the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (NDT). He is used to working as a structural engineer and construction manager from 2002 in Tehran, designing, optimizing and constructing more than one million square meters of high-rise buildings and other structures including tanks, cooling towers, and industrial facilities which most of them were designed according to United States Specifications.

    Email: | Tel: +98 21 22 60 92 89

  • Hamed Nouri
  • Educational Experience:

    Hamed has worked on welded rigid connection behavior in Master of Science. He was a teacher assistant in Steel Design Structure (Professor Shapour Tahouni). He has published papers and reports on various aspects of designing of steel and composite structures with emphasis on seismic design, such as "THE EFFECT OF WELD'S GEOMETRY IN FRACTURE OF WELDED FLANGE PLATE CONNECTION IN I.R. IRAN", Tahouni SH.; Nouri H, ESIA, Engineering Structural Integrity: research, development and application.

  • Site Experience:

    Hamed has worked as a site engineer since 2003 until 2006 (almost 3 years). He has experience on site managering, construction managering and project managering.

  • TSP Experience:

    As a part of his experience, Hamed joined to TSP Consulting Engineers in 2006. He has worked as a design engineer and project manager in TSP and has different experiences on designing high-rise buildings and industrial structures. He has closely worked with Shapour Tahouni on many prestigious projects.

  • TSA Experience:

    Hamed joined to TSA Consulting Engineers in 2011 as a Director of Structural Engineering. TSA Consulting Engineers focus on designing High rise buildings, complex projects and shopping malls. His role was to control the whole designing process in order to ensure all the clients’ needs and to work closely with consultants and authorities.